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30th May 2013

10 Fundamental Beauty Tips You May Not Realize But Should

Everybody wants to look their best. And the skin is the very first thing that people notice about you, so it must be cared for correctly. There are different skin types - dry, greasy, ordinary and combination. Each kind of skin requires special care. Howe...

01st November 2012

Botanical Aromatherapy Mask

Majestic Luxury Botanicals Aromatherapy Face Masks bring about relaxation, rejuvenation and enhanced beauty within the comfort of our homes. Regular use of the product will begin the makeover you have always sought. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative...

04th July 2012

Laser Hair Removal treatment – Different Types of Machines

Laser hair removal In today’s world appearance matters a lot. For this reason, you should try to look your best all the time. In time like this, unwanted hair can put you into an embarrassing situation. You need to get rid of the hair of your arms, und...

04th July 2012

Hair Removal Service for All Skin types

Unwanted hair Unwanted hair on arms, underarms and also legs can put you in an embarrassing situation. Nowadays everyone laughs at the display of unwanted hairs. For this reason, people put an effort to remove unwanted hair the moment it grows back. Ea...

18th June 2012

Choosing The Right Foundation For a Beautiful Face

By Anil in Beauty
Every woman in the quest of a flawless, radiant and glowing skin, keeps a bottle or two of foundation in her makeup kitty. But the question is are you choosing the right formulation, are you getting that mush coverage you desired for, is your makeup looki...

03rd April 2012

Domestic Face - What Is The Best On Your Face

Everyone knows that the face has been made at least four times a year can be wonderful for your skin. The beauty experts have the tools and know-how to unclog your pores and exfoliate properly. The only thing you're talking at least $ 60 dollars arc. I...

14th December 2011

Makeup Steps

By aman in Beauty
When summer arrives and the skin requires more pampering and attention. Oiliness, pimples, spots, all sleeping in the winter coppice as clusters of colored lanterns and sometimes as too flashy. One option, expensive but valid, is to meet the proposal of t...

09th December 2011

Glam up Your Look with The Relauncher’s Makeup Lessons

If you’re planning to refresh and create different looks that will best suit your moods, daytime activities, gala events, all occasions or everyday style, but you don’t know where to go or how to go about it, then The Relauncher has just the perfect solut...

28th October 2011

Chemical Peel Facts - It 'just For You

Today, there are plenty of options to get that youthful glow on your skin. Given that plastic surgery more complicated, a simple facelift or chemical peel - about a hundred alternatives, may choose to remove dead cells and get rid of that old, wrinkled lo...

12th October 2011

Get The Look Of A Natural Suntan Without The Harmful Effects Of UV Rays

Sunless tanning products help in giving skin the look of natural tan without exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Generally, sunlight increases the production of melanin, which darkens the pale skin to form a suntan, but the danger of ultraviolet rays...

11th October 2011

Types of Clinique Makeup

While popularly known for their skin care range, they are also well-known for their makeup range. Just like their skin care range, when you use Clinique oil free makeup, your pores are not clogged. In fact, it is infused with skin-caring ingredients to ke...

11th October 2011

Cleaning Your Face with Clinique Products

For those who are concerned about the health of their face’s skin, they would know that it takes three simple steps daily, twice a day, to ensure that it remains clean and supple. This basic regime consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Indeed, ...

03rd October 2011

Beauty Tips - Choosing A Foundation For Your Complexion

The water-based type is designed with a lighter coverage as opposed to oil-based one. Generally, liquid foundations blend actually and allow an all-natural and smooth finish. Cream foundations are ideal for people with dry skin because they contain moistu...

28th September 2011

Tips in Choosing a Face Lotion for Men

Just like women, men have skin care needs too and they also need to maintain healthy looking skin by keeping a skin care regimen. Gone are the days when skin care products were only for women. The majority of men today are finding the necessity to provide...

26th September 2011

Smoothen Your Skin with Brush Head for Sensitive Skin

Who does not want to have a healthier glowing skin? Almost every single man and woman is living with a desire to have the most beautiful glowing skin. But, with increased pollution and dust in the atmosphere, desires of attaining a rich looking skin is se...

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