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03rd June 2011

Low E Glass Coatings: What Are They And How Will They Benefit You?

Glass is a very important factor for windows and window installation. It is true that a strong frame is required to keep all the components in place while carrying out window installation. But what can really make a difference in the kind of glass you use...

09th December 2009

5 Practical Tips for All Year Round Energy Savings

Replacing windows and doors is the fourth most common home-remodeling project and experts say it can dramatically reduce utility bills. Yet when it comes to choosing more energy-efficient options, consumers might be overwhelmed by the whirlwind of technol...

15th October 2009

Double-Glazed Replacement Windows

By Matt in Family
Modern building construction and rehabilitation is concerned with both the improvement of the building appearance and energy efficiency of the structure. The fenestration; windows, doors and skylights; is an area of particular concern because they are the...

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