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19th September 2011

The Canning How To on Barbeque Sauce

These canning how-to tips came out of necessity. You see, Ive been making my own barbeque sauce since I was a kid, but it caused conflict in my household. I loved using the sauce as a grilling marinade so Id make gallons of my "New York Attitude" Ba...

22nd February 2011

Tips for Clear Skin - a clear, healthy skin is achievable!

Everyone wants clear, healthy skin, but many of us think that it takes a long routine to achieve this. We all read about people who have a battalion of expensive lotions and ointments to use on their skin and we wish we had time and money to do the same...

24th November 2010

What is the impact of chemicals on our hair?

So does this mean we have to stop coloring, bleaching, perming or straightening our hair?? Not at all! We can still keep up with fashion and covering grey hair!! However it is important to look after our hair well! Always use professional shampoo and cond...

08th January 2010

Are You Feeling the effects of Hoilday Overindulgence?

The holidays are a wonderful time, spent with family and friends, whether at home or on vacation. They are unfortunately also a time of over-eating, over-drinking and under-exercising. Family meals, alcohol and eggnog, Christmas pudding and pies and all t...

25th November 2009

Teeth Whitener Toothpaste Teeth Whitening Strips

When brushing and other methods of cleaning seemingly betrayed you, you can trust teeth whitener, a substance intended to eliminate unsightly stains and plaque. When the enamel of teeth is eroded because of acidic or unhealthy foods such as sugar, coffee ...

04th September 2009

Looking Young With Far-Infrared

American RENA’s new Anti Aging Wrinkle Breakthrough treatment has revolutionized the skin and beauty industry. This product is colorless and tasteless. The product’s negative ion activation energy can penetrate the skin up to 30 to 50 millimet...

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