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05th May 2011

Specialized Clinics for Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction Recovery in Hawaii

There are a number of cocaine addiction treatment centers for chemical substances dependent teenagers that use this model with great expertise. A therapist works with the chemical substances addict youth to create an environment in which the teen feels co...

04th January 2011

The Three Stages of Republican Denial

Whats the deal with the republican need for incessant violence or death? Every time a Republican heres the truth their first response is denial and a vow of death to the commies. Even if your not talking about anything communist at all, republicans li...

05th November 2009

Begin your day with a healthy breakfast

One has to get good nights sleep before one faces the wild world outside the next day. Getting good nights sleep makes your day so much better and fruitful. But did you know that sleep is also important for your health? People who have chronic sleep lo...

19th October 2009

Get real with Reality Television

Reality TV is far from educational but you have to admit that they are damned well good fun to watch. I can not speak for others and I have no jurisdiction over television stations that air these types of programme. However this type of entertainment c...

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