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14th June 2011

Grilling How To: New Ideas From Cleaning Your Grill to Non-Stick Fish

I’m inspired to create this “Grilling How To” because outdoor cooking season is now upon us! It’s my favorite cooking time of the year, but before I actually get grilling, I’ll have to inspect my barbeque and decide whether it will survive another summer...

23rd March 2011

The Best Barbecue Cooking Techniques And Tips

Barbecuing procedures With regards to barbecuing, many people basically stick the meat on the barbeque grill and wait for it to cook. This is whats called the ‘direct grilling’ method. And when if we’re nervous about offering undercooked meat i...

26th November 2010

Salmon Gravlax Roses Make an Attractive Holiday Appetizer

Gravlax Roses can make a simple and attractive holiday appetizer from dry-cured salmon. Whether you cure the salmon yourself, or just purchase it, my simple procedure can be the focus of a fancy appetizer selection that only you know was quite simple. ...

13th September 2010

Does Your Grilling Marinade Have These 3 Simple Elements?

A grilling marinade is a very simple way to add flavor and moisture to grilled items. If you follow these basic rules, you'll be able to create a long list of unique combinations of ingredients and invent your own grilling marinade. Any grilling marin...

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