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10th October 2011

Canvas prints good deals on high quality canvas prints

Capable and skilled artists analyze the picture and convert it into personalized operate of art. Additionally, the image canvas print could be framed in wood and set up as wall hangings.From time to time an workplace area can do with a bit of an upgrade. ...

07th October 2011

Drawing Real Faces In Pencil - Tools Of The Trade

No matter what kind of drawing we consider it can be a quite gratifying and satisfying encounter, however for some it may possibly be far too daunting a activity to prevail. It will take a good deal of perseverance, character and motivation to in fact fin...

13th December 2010

How to Choose the Perfect Artist to Complete Your Tattoos

Even more important than choosing the perfect design, is choosing the right tattoo artist. No matter how beautiful or unique a design is, if it is not done by a skilled artist, the tattoo will not be as captivating as it could be. Choosing a great tatt...

22nd April 2010

What Makes a Keepsake: Photo to Portrait

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion? You might consider giving the timeless gift of a portrait to your loved ones. Your Art Now is a company which specializes is transferring photo to portrait. All you must do is simply send in a p...

15th June 2009

Collectors Create Extensive Reborn Nursery

The biggest trend in doll collecting is reborning. A skilled artist takes a regular baby doll, strips it down to its essentials and then begins to rebuild it layer by layer. After tens of hours of work and a variety of skills and techniques applied the ...

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