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16th May 2011

Choosing the Right Kind of Ice Maker

Ice makers are great appliances for that keep ice on hand at all times, no matter what the weather or situation. Ice makers save the hassle of filling and dumping ice trays constantly, the annoyance of spilling water on the floor while you refill your ice...

28th March 2011

Green Grocery Shopping Tips

By Erika Parker Price If you are searching for ways to save the environment, a great place to begin is your regular trip to the grocery store. Start by planning ahead for the week. A meal plan can ensure that you use your food wisely, which will re...

27th September 2010

Living “Off Grid” – Part 2

Living “Off Grid” – Part 2 Living “off grid” means you are not connected to a utility company power line, the electrical grid. You must produce your own electrical power to meet your needs. This can be a challenging and rewarding experience! Refrige...

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