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07th March 2011

Important Aspects of Cosmetic Packaging

If we were to look at past decades, we would realize the remarkable changes that have taken place in the cosmetic packaging industry. The cosmetic packaging of today and that of the past are completely different, not only in style and design, but also in ...

01st February 2011

Celebrity Appearances

Celebrity appearances are one of the great ways to attract attention and publicity to an event. The number of events held each year ranging from the openings of restaurants to hotels, launches of perfumes, clothing lines or books all benefit from celebrit...

05th July 2010

should we blame cheryl cole for england losing the world cup

Should we blame cheryl cole for distracting ashley cole and causing england to lose the world cup? Our relationship expert Guy Blews, says NO, cheryl cole is not responsible for england losing the world cup 2010. While ashley cole may have been dist...

25th June 2010

Online magazines

Additionally, the existing sales channels i.e. newsstands and book stores are severely challenged for space, making the entry of new and upcoming publishers much more expensive and difficult. With intra-city parking and commute making the news stand brows...

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