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10th October 2011

Solar Panels South West

Solar panels south west We are currently living in really hard financial times, our country is really struggling and as such our GDP is increasing with each and every month and as such the average per lending is increasing. This financial crisis is als...

17th May 2011

Tips to Save Energy for Homeowners

Let's be realistic. Although we don’t want to consume all of the worlds supply of carbon and coal for power because of the lights in our home, our fridge, air conditioning and dishwashers, a quick overview of what it costs to have energy saving products a...

02nd March 2011

Saving Energy? You help Yourself and the Environment

Reduce electricity related costs What brings new Well, this website is dedicated to providing the best possible “green” devices and technologies for home and personal use. Currently, we all confront with the increasing price of gas ...

28th September 2010


The West London Renewable Energy Association (REA) has hailed the start made by the feed-in tariff scheme which allows private individuals to sell the electricity they generate through renewable sources back to their energy supplier. According to the o...

02nd June 2010

Save Energy This Earth Day at

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY - April 14, 2010 JASBR, LLC. In a path to build on vision of the company, JASBR, LLC, announces the launch of to coincide with Earth Day. The website features energy saving products coupled with informati...

26th May 2010

Buying Guide - Understanding Energy Efficient Ratings

This easy to read guide may help you to understand how the instruments are classified as to achieve efficiency, which means that assessment, and what you're looking for while shopping for new hardware. Energy Star label is the government's seal of appr...

17th May 2010

Power Efficient Systems Showcase their Power Factor Correction products at the North West Energy For

PES showcased their energy saving products and service at the North West Energy Forum annual conference held at the Crown Plaza Liverpool. In partnership with Envirolink, the event was a huge success and enabled PES to demonstrate EnergyAce the highly ...

20th January 2010

The Need for Alternative Energy Sources

With the threat of global warming looming over the horizon,we all must consider new alternative energy sources. In my mind there are quite a few reasons to pursue such an endeavor.Whether it be to help cut fossil fuel emissions or save money on your util...

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