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28th March 2011

For the Single Parents

Singe parents are no longer a surprising or a rare thing nowadays; society knows that those that are currently raising their child alone deserve to be commended because it is no laughing matter. Though there are people who enter the world of single parent...

24th February 2011

4 Long-Term Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy

The problem of teenage pregnancy is a common reality for many nations. Going through pregnancy at an early age could cause the teenage parents and their baby to experience many long-term negative consequences. You should know what the effects are. It m...

11th February 2011

Give Happiness Back to Children

Yesterday, in the square before Chongwen building of Nanjing No.1 Middle School, there held a recruiting conference. It was very lively on the site. Different from other club activities in schools, this one has 20,000 yuan sponsorship each year and can ar...

08th February 2011

Caregiver Tax in Canada

In Canada, it is a legal requirement to file specific tax when employing a caregiver. The caregiver is also required to pay and file taxes. However, below we will outline how a caregiver is also given various tax advantages and tax credits. For tax p...

09th August 2010

Christening Jewellery - The Great Baptism Present Ideas

You may choose christening jewellery that is one superb present that can never be forgotten if you're looking for the perfect gift which you can give a newly christened child. Everyone knows that this is among the most important events for Christians ever...

11th May 2010

Digital Purple 630 Disney Pix Click Tinkerbell: Small yet Powerfull Kids Digital Camera

If you are already searching for affordable kids cameras digital; look no further! You may look for Disney's digital camera products. It is a wide variety of models and styles within moderate price. Obviously, the majority of the children adore Disney car...

27th November 2009

Reborn Dolls on Televisiion

The film industry has a saying 'never work with pets or babies' Well, with the reborn doll phenomenon directors will no longer need to work with babies as the real thing can be substitiuted for a reborn doll.... Using reborn baby dolls to take the plac...

13th October 2009

There are many forms of child abuse; it may be psychological, sexual or physical. Neglect occurs whe

Signs to look for if you think that a parent or care giver may be responsible for child abuse and neglect may include showing little concern for the child, blaming the child for all problems at school and at home and may even ask that teachers or other ca...

29th May 2009

Lib Dem’s to scrap Child Trust Fund

Last year the Liberal Democrats announced that they would scrap the Child Trust Fund should they win the next election. The Child Trust Fund is a Labour Scheme set up in 2002, whereby the government gives the parents of every new born child £250 to inves...

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