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04th May 2011

How to Select Therapeutic Wilderness Camps for Troubled Teens Recovery

Troubled teens military schools and academies are designed to help those kids that are suffering from mental strength Issues and problems like hopelessness, hyper behavior and corporeal issues, as well as learning disabilities such as ADD, ODD, OCD and AD...

22nd March 2011

Can Home Vision Therapy Improve Learning Disabilities?

Can Home Vision Therapy Improve Learning Disabilities? The effectiveness of home vision therapy for the remedy of learning disabilities is often debated by professionals, however as someone who has worked with learning disabilities for over 20 years, I...

21st March 2011

How Are Mobile Phone Applications Helping Children With Special Needs?

Smartphone or iPhone is truly one of the best gadgets of the millennium. Smartphones loaded with various third party mobile phones applications have helped and guided people from every strata of the society. There are thousands of applications that can be...

08th February 2011

Learning Vision Skills in Preschool Helps a Little one’s Learning for Life

Learning vision skills is an important part of a kid's growth in the preschool years. Learning vision skills lays the groundwork for future tutorial achievement, because these are the constructing blocks upon which a toddler's studying, writing and spell...

13th January 2011

Ozzy Osbourne Tickets - Concert Tickets for the Legendary Artist Can be Found and Booked in a Blink

Ozzy Osbourne was born in the year 1948 as John Michael Osbourne in Birmingham. As the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath, a heavy metal band, Ozzy Osbourne is known to be one of the most influential artists of rock of all times. He achieved huge exposure an...

13th December 2010

Is Providing Reading Help For Children Madness?

If you are the guardian of a child with learning disabilities, reading help for children may look like an enigma. In reality, if doing the identical thing over and over again anticipating totally different outcomes is a definition for insanity, then most...

22nd February 2010


BEAT ADULT DYSLEXIA -------------------------- TOOLS FOR THE DYSLEXIC:LEARNING TO NAVIGATE THROUGH A NON-DYSLEXIC WORLD WHEN YOU VIEW THE WORLD COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY I had trouble comprehending reading assignments and I seemed to "miss" the format...

05th June 2009

Successful Missing People Search May Still Save Boy's Life

The nation watches as Minnesota mother Colleen Hauser and her 13-year-old son Daniel who has Hodgkin's lymphoma, continue running from authorities. There is a warrant out for her arrest and she's been found in contempt of court. The Housers are refusing t...

17th April 2009

The Myths of Education

The future looks very bright for our teens-- when we de-bunk three false, damaging myths. In fact, in recent study, I found that'no matter what their GPA'teens will have great opportunities because world, corporate, and scientific prospects depend on a ...

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