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20th September 2012

The Principles of Foot Massage

The major foot massage principle includes: the blood circulation principle, the principle of reflection endocrine and the meridian theory. 1 blood circulation principle Whole body's blood circulation of the beating of the human heart, driven in large ...

16th September 2010

Top Tips for Choosing A Health Spa

Choosing a health spa is very different from choosing a beauty salon. Many women as well as men tend to ask their friends regarding recommendations for a beauty salon and think they maybe ought to do the same when choosing a health spa. The differenc...

10th September 2010

Do Your Feet a Favour with MBT Shoes

When was the last time that you did your feet a favour? Maybe you try to rest them on an ottoman or cushion whenever you can. Perhaps you coddle them in warm, soft slippers to keep them from getting cold. You may even treat them to a foot massage or a ...

22nd February 2010


Summer Specials -25 % off for 1st time clients & couples ! Discounted Spa gift vouchers ! Relax , Slow down & Unwind... in your home , hotel or office...Or At Our Private Spa Studio in the Cape Town SEA PIONT Natural Health Balance Luxury Private Sp...

15th January 2010

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Relax , Slow down & Unwind... in your home , hotel or office...Or At Our Private Spa Studio in the Cape Town Cbd Natural Balance Luxury Private Spa Studio & Mobile Massage / Spa Service Cape Town , A massages and spa treatments are one of the oldes...

16th September 2009

8 Basic Beauty Tips: Simple Ways to Let the Natural You Shine Through

Beauty trends come and go, but there are some very simple things you can be doing to look your best. These guidelines will also help keep you feeling great, and most of them take just minutes a day. Here are 8 basic beauty tips: 1. Schedule regul...

02nd June 2009

Benefits of Using Nail Polish

Most females love to decorate their nails with nail polish in attempts to beautify their hands. What most females do not know is that there are actually benefits of using nail polish. Nail polish, along with other cosmetics, can make a woman feel beautif...

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