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15th June 2012

Ruby a most elegant precious gift for women

Where there is love, there is Ruby!!! Rubies... Yes they are symbol of love! They bring love in the air, and the wearer will definitely find true love of his life. It mostly comes in different shades of red. Presence of chromium makes them red in color. ...

18th October 2011

Use specially made sleeping products for babies like grobags and fisher price baby swings

New parents often find themselves in trouble when their kid is not able to sleep properly or always in a very angry mood. Some of the gynecologist and pediatrics believe that kids with improper sleep never grow as much as they should have grown with the p...

23rd February 2011

Duane Hanson Horoscope

Introduction of Duane Hanson Duane Hanson was an American artist based in South Florida, a sculptor known for his lifecast realistic works of people, cast in various materials, including polyester resin, fibreglass, Bondo and bronze. His work is often ...

16th December 2009

The IPod 16gb And Iphone 3GS

Powerful, slim, lightweight, ultra-chic; these are the words that come to mind when you mention the IPod 16gb and Iphone 3GS. Only 4.8 ounces in weight, this beauty has everything you could ask for. The fastest and most powerful iPhone yet - that is how A...

30th November 2009

Bridal skin care tips

With the great Indian wedding season around the corner, thousands will be tying the knot on the most important day in the life of a bride. Every bride desires her skin to look flawless and radiant on her wedding day. Along with beauty treatments from pro...

20th August 2009

Taking Care of Your Memory Foam Topper

"Topper", as its name tells all, is something you can put on your existing mattress and enjoy a sound sleep leaving you all revitalized in the morning. It's a kind of convertible option for your bed, by changing it into something that provides pressure re...

12th March 2009

Aerobic Exercise, an Effective Way to Get Rid of Weight

Weight loss is catching up the attention of people being as a root cause of various life threatening diseases like diabetes, heart attack and cancer, etc. To avoid this chronic problem of weight gain one should be well aware of reasons causing weight gain...

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