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31st October 2012

The meaning of productivity for a translator

What does productivity mean for a translator? The translator is an individual, not a company. For him, there is no economy of scale. Higher volume does not mean higher profits. Program for program, he will not make more profit if he translates 10 films t...

24th February 2011

IPad apps development-which stages to undergo

People are starting to understand the importance of having an iPad. The more they people understand so, the more the demands of their applications are increasing to match the customerís demands. A good iPad apps developer follows clear path to creating gr...

24th September 2009

The Importance of Culture in Translation Work

Translation does not only involve translating text from the initial language to the other language one word at a time. This does not guarantee you quality in your translations as you can't express accurately the meaning of the initial text if the translat...

27th March 2009

PDF to Word converter

PDF- Portable Article Layout is an important technique to accumulate, repossess and transfer large range of papers without breaking it into editable tiny portions. PDF files have gained a lot of importance and are being used by huge group of computer user...

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