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19th October 2010

Why Do Couples With Daughters Divorce More Than Couples With Sons?

Recently published statistics have shown that more couple’s divorce if they have girls than if they have boys. Parents with one girl are 5% more likely to divorce than parents with one boy, while parents with three girls are 10% more likely to divorce tha...

13th September 2010

A safe guide to laser hair removal procedures

You may have it all - long lustrous locks, radiant skin and a perfect body - but still one thing might ruin your entire appearance and that is unwanted hair. While this problem is not a serious one, it's nonetheless frustrating. Going to a salon every few...

16th December 2009

4 Things That Cause Acne In Adults

Acne is a problem that is common to people in the U.S. One thing that is surprising is that acne not only is in teenagers but very much in adults. The American Academy Of Dermatology reported that nearly 80% of people between the ages of 20-30 have some m...

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