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16th March 2011

Dirt Bike Games for Children to Enjoy

Dirt bike games for youngsters have a tendency to be simplified versions of pro dirt bike racing activities and video games. As a end result, children can get a probability to race like the pros and experience a high level of competitors, although maintai...

09th November 2010

How Unwanted Hair can be Removed

Sounding pretty much like a child's riddle in this. Is the preparedness to be thick and bountiful on one part of our bodies but invisible on another something we have? Are we prepared to spend billions both to encourage and discourage? Beautiful on our he...

16th March 2010

Train like fuel efficient Interstates Highways while cut Billions in construction needs.

In 1996 dollars, the Federal Highway Administration has calculated the "weighted rural and urban combined" costs per mile of interstate highway to be $20.6 million. But simple Interstate Highway rule changes combined with off the shelf technology could a...

15th March 2010

Convoy Drafting could generate $50 Billion in US fuel savings each year.

When you ride a bike on your own you need to overcome wind resistance it accounts for about 80% of your effort @ 32kmh (20Mph). If you ride behind something that has already disturbed the air, then most of the air that you pass through is moving closer to...

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