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18th May 2011

Tips to Reduce Cosmetic Packaging Waste

Just as the clothes you wear express who you are, packaging expresses what a product is about, what it is for, why you would want it and what the company‘s values are. Society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of eco friendly practices. Bus...

06th August 2010

Air pollution

Air pollution simply is releasing of harmful substances into the air through various human activities. It is very common and dangerous. It is a general awareness among the people that air pollution is just smog, acid rain, CFC's, and other forms of outdo...

18th June 2010

Starbucks Makes Controversial Choices About Recycling

Starbucks is the all-American coffee giant, so you think that they would be on board with the latest eco-friendly advancements, right? You may have to think again because Starbucks recently denied the request of customers to improve the recycling habits o...

20th April 2010

What can we do for recycling industry in our daily life?

1.Choose goods with minimal packaging, and which are packaged in a material that can be recycled or returned in your area. 2.Try to reduce the need to throw away plastics. For example, take a reusable shopping bag to the supermarket or corner shop, or re...

24th November 2009

Go Green With Earth-Friendly Lanyards and ID Cards

Just about every organization uses lanyards these days and often times, when one doesn't need his/her lanyard anymore, the thing winds up in the garbage. Depending on what the lanyard was made of, it could sit in a landfill for years, never decomposing be...

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