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11th January 2012

Technology Provides A Video Conferencing System To Help With Conference Calls

Why Phone Conferencing Is Practical One of the most important parts of running a business, whether it be big or small, would be to ensure that everybody is on the same page. The best way to make certain everyone is on the same page is, well, speaking w...

30th September 2011

Value-Added Lasting Impressions with Corporate Entertaining

We are all aware of how corporate events are an integral part of business structures in this fast paced result-oriented world that we live in today. Potential customers are targeted for promoting products and services and employees work stressful hours t...

09th May 2011

GPS and the Smart Phone

GPS stands for global positioning system, which was first developed by the US military. Its relies on a network of satellites that can pinpoint almost any location on Earth. Once GPS became available for civilian use in the 80's, developers found all kind...

17th February 2011

Stubby Holders Work More Than Keeping Your Drinks Cold While Your Hand Stays Warm

No one enjoys drinking a beer when it is warm. They just wish to enjoy their drink crispy cold. But how to keep your drink cold for a long time? The discovery of neoprene rubber as stubby holders is certainly one of the remarkable events for people wh...

16th February 2011

Smartphones - A New Arena of Software Application Development

Mobile phones gave people increased mobility and better network coverage without wires. But people demanded for more on their mobile phones which had already become an indispensable accessory.The cell phone handset manufacturers came out with high-end m...

16th November 2010

Are You Looking for Best Mobile Phone Deals?

If you are a resident of Australia and wish to avail of the best mobile phone deals, this article will help you get started in the right direction. With mobile internet showing huge growth the world over and the prices of hardware and service falling rapi...

13th October 2010

Branding A Celebrity Effectively

Managing the campaigns could be made easier with social media tools that could do the work for you, even when you’re sleeping. By using Twitter services, for instance, that would tweet all through the day, you can sit back and watch the buzz around a cele...

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