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11th April 2013

Is Cycling a Good Physical exercise For Burning up Calories?

You bet it's! Bicycling is among the best possible workouts for burning up calories. Whether it's on a fitness bike in a fitness center, at home or using outdoors, cycling burns much more calories compared to almost any other physical exercise in a provid...

29th June 2011

Easy Exercises for Weight Loss

What do you think is more important: to lose weight or to lose fat? That's indeed a confusing question as people often fail to understand the exact differences between losing weight and losing fat. Whilst dieting alone might seem to be the best means to l...

28th March 2011

Eliminate Unhealthy Products For Weight Loss

By Lori in Diet
Picking out diet plans will involve locating a diet plan which supplies rapid weight loss. An additional item is locating diet plans which are feasible. A fastest way to lose weight is using dieting plans that incorporate drinking particular liquids, work...

12th February 2010

Weight Loss and Dieting with Anaerobic Exercises

Most people today realize that if they want to lose weight they have to exercise. Most diet plans mention and briefly tell people that they need to exercise but only give a little bit of information about the subject. There are a multitude of books writ...

12th February 2010

Dieting and the Importance Two Types of Exercise in Losing Weight

I am sure everyone who needs to lose weight chooses a plan and realizes he needs to exercise. Not everyone exercises while on their diet and consequently the results you want take a bit longer to achieve if you can achieve them at all. By adding a exercis...

15th January 2010

Lifestyle and Minor Diet Changes For Weight Loss - Without Compromising on Tasty Food!

Small adjustments in life style can bring about a lot of changes in the way you look. Stop junk and replace them with eating healthy food. You can consume whole grain bread which is brown in colour instead of the normal bread. If you can't eat rotis all t...

12th March 2009

Exercise to Burn Down Extra Calories

An effective measure for weight loss is cutting down unnecessary calories stored in form of fat by doing regular exercise. Exercise helps in controlling the weight by utilizing excess calories that otherwise be remain stored as fat in the body. Physical a...

12th March 2009

Aerobic Exercise, an Effective Way to Get Rid of Weight

Weight loss is catching up the attention of people being as a root cause of various life threatening diseases like diabetes, heart attack and cancer, etc. To avoid this chronic problem of weight gain one should be well aware of reasons causing weight gain...

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