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01st February 2011

How Kids Can Have Fun Camping At the Backyard

Camping is an amazing outdoor activity for kids as well as for adults. It involves lot of fun filled physical activities. If a group of kids are planning to camp at the woods or at a sanctuary, they need to make huge plans like getting permits to camp, bu...

17th November 2010

Time to Rescue Your Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is usually the result of too much exposure to heat and chemicals. Perms, colourings, relaxers and other chemical treatments wear on the natural strength of our hair. Blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons and other heated appliance...

16th June 2010

Rust Preventative Paper and Rust Preventative Packaging vs Rust Preventative Oils

In many cases, rust can happen to metal tools and parts that are exposed to moisture and oxygen over time.Metal corrodes, or "breaks down" due to chemical reactions caused by atmosphere and surroundings. Oxidation of iron atoms weakens metals.When meta...

18th May 2009

Modern Sculpture

Modern art is generally understood to have begun in the mid-to-late 19th century with artists who wanted to break away from classic traditions and techniques of creating sculptures, paintings and other forms of art utilizing the generally accepted colorin...

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