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26th May 2011

Alternate power is a common term that is used to denote any kind of source of souped up that can exc

The following, we are going to go over the most admirable, economical and feasible renewable electrical power resources. To begin with, let's recognize the fundamental difference involving the two.Re-newable power resources are resources which can be crea...

21st March 2011

High Gas Prices, why isnít Iraq or Afghanistan helping us?

Americans have been shedding their blood over in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearlyten years. Yet, while we spend billions of dollars to protect them, we get nothing inreturn. A country like Iraq that, according to the United States Energy Informat...

31st January 2011

Affects of Recession on Oil Drilling

Oil drilling around this world has till now provided plenty of jobs to people, for the past several decades. The trend of the oil drilling jobs has been quite positive until recently, just before the global recession broke out. Ever since that there has b...

05th January 2011

What Does Gas Drilling Entail?

Oil drilling can be a risky venture, but not if it is tackled the right way. It is also an expensive endeavor. The costs associated with oil and gas drilling can begin at a minimum of $400,000. Most oil wells also have some amount of gas. The first ev...

05th May 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Did you hear about the Oil Spill? How horrible, right? To be quite frank, I was pretty shocked & almost dispirited thinking about how many animals & people were going to be affected by this dreadful "accident." This all happened on April 20, 2010; there i...

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