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04th March 2011

Going Green With Electric Forklifts

Organizations are trying to improve their environmental impact by focusing on their vehicle fleets. They are opting for greener electric vehicles over gasoline vehicles, and using battery management systems to run these fleets efficiently, responsibly and...

14th February 2011

Green Energy is on the Rise

It appears that the global economy is in a serious decline and numerous businesses were forced to close their doors because they failed to achieve performance. Prices for such everyday essentials as energy and petrol bills are constantly mounting up. The ...

24th November 2010

1300 Electric Vehicle Charging Points in London by 2013

In light of an estimated 100,000 new battery powered vehicles on the UK capitalís streets, London Mayor Boris Johnson this weekend unveiled plans for a city-wide network of electric car charging points. Source London aims to install 1,300 charging poin...

19th July 2010

Vehicles that Still Qualify for an IRS Tax Credit

Unfortunately, many of the federal tax credits for popular hybrids - such as the Toyota Prius - expired quite a while ago. However, although a handful of vehicles no longer qualify for the tax incentives, there are plenty of energy efficient automobiles t...

15th July 2010

100 Miles Per Gallon?

With the Detroit auto show suffering from a drought of groundbreaking model launches by the city's present carmakers, the focus has shifted towards an alternative motoring future built on innovation and inventions. This year, Michigan State will host a se...

15th April 2010

The Tax Incentives to Go Green in 2010

Although the bad economy and unemployment problems have most Americans watching their budgets closely, you may be surprised to find out how many tax incentives there are for going green in 2010. As you can see, there are plenty of credits and tax breaks f...

12th February 2010

2009 Green Tax Credits

Many taxpayers are asking Roni Deutch Tax Centers across the country about the available "green" tax credits for individuals and their requirements for the 2009 tax season. Two available credits striking a lot of interest are an electric motor-vehicle and...

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