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18th April 2011

Reviews of UV Tattoo

Black light tattoos are done with ink that reacts to UV light. The ink is clear, making the tattoo invisible in regular light. It shines bright when beneath a black light. The black light makes the bright color literally glow. It's like having a black lig...

26th February 2010

Plasma Television Rentals— The Future of Audiovisual Rentals

With an increasing demands for a unique experience for trade shows, meetings, conferences, etc., organizers are slowly opening their eyes to the importance of plasma television rentals. Set to change the way people thought of audiovisual solutions while r...

16th February 2010

How Colour Monitors Work

There are two main methods of producing the monitor through which we control the computer and assess images before printing them out. Both require extremely high levels of precision in manufacture and sophisticated control. Cathode-ray tube CRT, or Ca...

13th October 2009

Some Plasma TV Information: - be well aware of the facts

Plasma Television is one of the best innovations in display technology. Essentially, Plasma TV offers excellent image quality that far exceeds the usual television set. Plasma TV is fast becoming the first choice among televisions. Aside from the except...

11th September 2009

Plasma TV Mounting

Plasma Televisions have higher resolution than most conventional TV sets, and are capable of displaying full HDTV and DTV signals as well as from a computer. Plasma screens have no scan lines due to the fact that each and every pixel cell has its own tr...

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