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23rd February 2011

Golden Brown Bodies Need Not Mean Burning In The Sun

In the past few decades many of us have liked the thought of having a lovely golden hue which makes us look and feel better. Of course, warnings from medical personnel have told us not to go out in the sun without some type of protective tanning lotion a...

05th January 2011

Avoid Age Spots Formation In 3 Easy Steps

Many people plagued by age spots regret not taking good care of their skin when they were younger. Age spots are the after-effects of cumulative sun exposure. When you are exposed to the sun frequently during your younger days, you have a higher chance of...

27th August 2010

This Father's Day- Give Him Just What He Needs!

Father's day is not just another holiday; it is a day on which you can express your love and solidarity with the doting dad who made you what you are today. Your father has always been your pillar of support, someone that you can consistently rely on. How...

17th December 2009

The best wrinkle cream has not been found till date read on to find out more about it.

According to a recent research conducted by a leading dermatological company, Dermacai is the best anti wrinkle cream till date but have you seen it work or seen a live case where it has?The reason being the effects it has on the skin at the first instanc...

31st August 2009

Nursing Homes turn to Wii Consoles as Therapy for Residents

One of the many goals of a nursing home is to keep their patients as active as possible. It may not be possible for them to get out as much as they once did but they can still take part in many activities. It may surprise you to learn that many nursing ho...

31st August 2009

Nursing Homes turn to Wii Consoles as Therapy for Residents

This is due to the many interactive games they can play. For example the interactive bowling game allows even those in their wheelchairs to follow through the process of rolling an imaginary ball. Then they watch on the screen as the pins fall down. They ...

10th August 2009

Buy Michael Jackson books

The King of Pop as he was fondly known was one of the leading figures in the entertainment industry for 20 years spanning from 1980 to the mid 1990's. Anybody dancing around the globe then would not finish a performance without the trademark Michael Jack...

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