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20th April 2011

Tips to Improve your Appearance with Healthy Hair Vitamins

In this article, we have the answer of the question about why the prenatal vitamins can help women’s hair. There are excellent vitamins for your hairs that are found in the prenatal vitamins contain a lot of different agents. There is so much bombilation ...

14th April 2010

The Secret of Queen Cleopatra's Milk Bath

The Secret of Queen Cleopatra's Milk Bath Queen Cleopatra made the idea of a milk bath as legendary as her beauty. But there is a real anti aging truth behind the legend. The milk and its derivates contain lactic acid, which help to exfoliate your skin. ...

09th December 2009

Very Easy Kenyan Recipe

Mahamri(Kenyan Doughnut) is an alternative to bread or tea biscuits. It is sweetened and spiced. Mahamris are a specialty at the Kenyan coast. Coastal women prepare them for breakfast or even as an accompaniment for vegetarian dishes. WHAT YOU NEED TO ...

30th June 2009

Effective Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Unlike mild outbreaks of spots, acne pimples and swellings can cause significant scarring, so it is important that you managed this condition very carefully, and take steps to treat acne early on to limit the damage to your skin. Commercial treatments ...

18th May 2009

Some Useful Skin Care Tips

Cleansing Cleansing is the first and very essential step in your daily skin care routine. Cleansers can be creams, milks, lotions, gels and liquids. Cleansers are a mixture of oil, wax and water which have been formulated to go well with differe...

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