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23rd May 2011

Amity International School In Mayur Vihar East Delhi

Founded by Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan in the year 1999, Amity International School is the third in the group of schools. Managed by the Ritnand Balved Education, with Dr.(Mrs) Amita Chauhan as its Chairperson, the school is set in the calm locality of Mayur Vih...

21st January 2011

7 Recommendations For Attractive Skin color

For many females, component of the morning and evening routines involve a skincare regimen of applying creams, moisturizers, tonics, lotions, plus the like. Why do most women place on their own via this? They do it primarily to combat the indicators of ag...

19th January 2011

The Highest Degree of Personal Attention - Adiva

At Adiva, we realise it's heavenly to be a woman Adiva is committed to providing world-class care to women of all ages. Our multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to meeting the unique and changing medical needs of women. Adiva i...

21st September 2010

It’s time for Cookbook Fundraising

Selling candy door to door simply wasn't my favorite activity during our last fundraiser for my daughter's school. Someone actually had the bright idea of having us conduct the fundraising activities in May shortly before school let out for summer. The te...

16th April 2010

Dangers of Suffocation from Baby Slings Focus of Warning Soon to Be Released by CPSC

The Consumer Product Safety Commission will soon be issuing a warning to parents concerning the dangers of baby slings, which have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Now, instead of using strollers, parents have taken to carrying their ba...

15th September 2009

Seven tips for Beautiful Skin

For most women, part of their morning and evening routines involve a skincare regiment of applying cremes, moisturizers, tonics, lotions, and the like. Why do women put themselves through this? To combat the signs of aging, and to maintain youthful looks ...

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