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22nd March 2011

Recycling Cell Phones

By Erika Parker Price One of the pressing environmental questions of 2011 is how we can do a better job of going green with our cell phones. A few years ago, before the advent of the smart phone, the EPA measured the average life-cycle of a cell phone...

24th February 2011

Confused! What Hair Color to Choose

Hair color is a popular trend that everyone loves to follow. Hair is one of the most recognizable of the individual. The style and color of hair is a person of one of the first things the brains used to determine who will see. For this reason the hair is ...

29th July 2009

Sony Ericsson C905 and Nokia N97: Handsets with a lot of innovation

In the recent times, several mobile phone brands are competing with each other. Sony Ericsson C905 and Nokia N97 have comes up with several unique features. The C905 is popular for its quality camera features whereas, the N97 comes with user friendly S60 ...

11th July 2009

The herald of Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson is the leading mobile maker in the contemporary market. It has been making advanced mobiles for years and in the present times, the company has become favourite of most of the users around the world. The Sony Ericsson C905 supports both 2...

12th June 2009

Samsung U600 – Stands Out in a Crowd!

Slim and sleek is the words that comes to the mind when we talk about Samsung U600. This is a pretty decent handset with all updated and high-quality features which one requires in daily life. Due to its smooth and shiny casing user will always feel a lux...

02nd April 2009

Sony Ericsson C905 Gold – for the modern person in you

If you're a person who travels a lot this is the phone for you. The Sony Ericsson C905 Gold can be your guide when you want to travel. It can also entertain you in multiple ways, because it has various great features. You will never get bored with this ph...

02nd April 2009

Sony Ericsson C905 Gold – a great friend to have

Don't like leaving home because you have your TV, your computer there? The Sony Ericsson C905 Gold gives you the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of watching TV, listening to music or surfing the internet. It has many features that can make life a lot e...

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