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02nd May 2012

Diet Delivery Food Services by Diet Delivery London and Juice Fast London Expert Nosh Detox

NOSH – ‘Natural, Organic, Safe and Healthy’ – is an award winning London based company - committed to you; and your best potential health and wellbeing. Diet Food Delivery is like having your own personal chef and dietitian helping you loses weight at a f...

30th April 2010

The Pros and Cons of Taxes on Carbonated Beverages

With the recent passage of Obama's health care reform bill, two topics have been in the news frequently: tax increases and the health of American citizens. One such tax increase is the so called "soda tax" which have been mentioned in Congress multiple ti...

28th January 2010

Environmentally Friendly Printing - A Few Useful Things to Know

Alcohol-free or low-alcohol printing Lithographic printing that uses reduced amounts or no isopropyl alcohol (IPA), thereby reducing VOC emissions. Dampening (or fountain) solution This is used to keep the non-image areas of the plate moist, preventi...

14th January 2010

Diets For Teens

Individuals in their teens need more concern when planning their food habits. As a teen, since your growth is still in progress it is important that your body acquires all the needed nutriments, and yet to stop any potential health issues as you grow olde...

23rd October 2009

Physical and Mental Effects of Stress

Stress is a primitive response that people have to fear or danger. Fear triggers the "fight or flight" response, releasing chemicals into our body like cortisol and adrenaline. This was very important in the past, when some of our greatest causes of stres...

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