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24th February 2011

Finally Get Rid of Your Dark Circles with Hydrolyze

Dark circles beneath the eyes are a common skin issue, one that has never been effectively treated with topical creams until now. Hydrolyze, made by world-famous skincare brand Hydroxatone, is available online and on Ulta shelves across the United States....

12th January 2011

Cell phones dangerous to health?

Recently, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution requiring mobile phone retailers to post information at the point of sale on how much radiation level is being emitted by the cell phone units. This information is already provided in th...

08th April 2010

Going Totally Green on Your Energy Supply

These days, between rising oils costs and concerns about Global Warming, the so-called green energy sources are gaining in popularity. Many people want to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and also reduce their carbon footprint. Depending on what your...

26th November 2009

Movie Reviews - Evil Bong 2

This is an amazingly funny comedy aimed primarily at the varsity student/hippies type or indeed anyone who likes a smoke or sees the gag in it. It stars John Patrick Jordan ( jail Break : proof of innocence ) as the funny dead pan Larnell. We meet him a...

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