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12th October 2011

When Divorce Hurts Too Long

This text is concerning a survivor of Post Marital Stress (PMS) disorder who created a replacement which means for the famous PMS acronym. This was accomplished many years ago when she was trying to humorously describe the emotions she was longing when he...

16th May 2011

ipad 2 cases – maintaining the clean and new look of your ipad 2

All of those that has an ipad 2 take good precious care of it simply to maintain their ipad 2 looking new and clean, thus we don't want any filth, smudges or fingerprints on our ipads especially on the LCD. Now how can we shield our ipad 2 from dust, smud...

04th May 2011

it really is for trail sort uses

I kept reading what some people today said in regard to the Vibram Five Fingers shoes, and as We were at the REI store, I had to determine them out. I Really like going barefoot and I had heard Dr. Oz talk on Television about precisely how superior th...

07th December 2010

Molina’s Planet is Full

Molina Morales, 35, was alone with her children in a remote village up in the Sonoran heights of Mexico. She was nine months pregnant. Her husband was far away with the builders in a valley of a rich country. She was in pain. She was afraid and anxious. H...

23rd February 2010

Watch House Online Episodes

House is a favorite show to many in the world. It's executive producers Paul Attanasio, Katie Jacobs, David Shore and Bryan Singer who brought forth this new take-on to mysteries placing an irreverent and controversial Doctor House against a medical malad...

24th September 2009

What Parents can do to Counteract Media Violence

The statistics related to violence in the media are staggering. According to the National Institute on Media and the Family, an average of 20 to 25 violent acts is shown in each hour of children's television programs. Another study done by the organizatio...

10th June 2009

My Friend Made It To Her Mother's Funeral, Thanks to a Cell Phone Lookup

Have you heard of the Rockefeller Imposter who is currently on trial in Boston for kidnapping his daughter and a bunch of related charges? Then you've heard that since 1993 his now-ex-wife has believed him to be Clark Rockefeller; yes, that Rockefeller. H...

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