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05th April 2011

Use earth friendly cups for a safer and better environment

I wonder how many of us would have heard a popular saying that goes like;”you have not inherited the Earth from your elders but borrowed it from your children”. The essence of this group of words is often not understood as deeply as it demands. We have pe...

01st April 2011

Green Terms

Today's society is growing more aware of our affect on the environment. As a result, companies are producing items designed to help instead of harm the earth. However, along with this comes a plethora of new terms. While people in these industries may be ...

07th September 2010

Choosing your VoIP provider

People often wonder why VoIP providers can charge far less than there traditional counterparts. Unlike the phone company, VoIP service providers don't have to have big offices, millions of miles of copper wire and fiber optic cable to carry your voice fro...

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