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28th June 2011

How Dangerous Is Exposure to Black Mold During Pregnancy?

Discovering mold in your home can be bad enough under any circumstances; but finding a growth of this nasty substance when there's someone pregnant can be devastating because it can be detrimental to both mother and baby to be born. Black mold is known to...

20th June 2011

Plastic Surgery: A sin or a saint?

Whenever you hear ‘plastic surgery’, what comes to your mind? Is it a Hollywood celebrity who fears aging and thus undergoes plastic surgery? Or is it people who want change the size of their breasts, stomach, or other parts of their body? Or is it those ...

08th June 2011

Put a Wrinkle In Aging's Plans:When And Why To Use Wrinkle Cream

By Gail in Beauty
It is never too early to start searching for wrinkle cream. As we get older, our face begins to lose its elasticity. Fat cells in the face begin to loosen and pull apart, thus, the skin loses its ability to bounce back causing sagging and forming lines th...

16th May 2011

A Look at Modern Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeries

Reconstructive surgery is a kind of surgery that focuses on the reconstruction of certain areas of the body that may have been severely damaged due to birth defects, trauma, diseases, and other factors. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery focuses more on ...

06th May 2011

Getting Acquainted with the Paleo Weight Loss Diet: Review of the Basic Principles

By JJJ in Diet
Maybe you have considered what it really was probably like, thousands of years ago? All of our ancestors from the Paleolithic or Neanderthal era led an extremely demanding existence. Virtually no gadgets, technology or simply equipment to perform their wo...

11th April 2011

Importance Of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become popular in recent years. It is now a lucrative business because more and more people want to look beautiful and choose to seek treatment as a way to make improvements in their face and body. Fortunately, there are experts like a...

15th March 2011

Functional and Aesthetic Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Humans react very positively to symmetry. They regard a symmetrical appearance as perfect, basing their judgment of beauty on it. Symmetry is just among the many benefits of Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping, a surgical procedure for improving the appearance ...

03rd March 2011

Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills- Helping You Boost Your Beauty

Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills- Helping You Boost Your Beauty Plastic surgery can involve a person’s appearance and the ability for one to function. People’s appearances and self image are improved by plastic surgeons and this is one of efforts they make ...

26th February 2011

What are the types of environmental pollution? How can a dumpster rental help in Texas?

Pollution in the environment takes different types namely air, water and land. The land that is not affected by pollution is found nowhere in world and Texas is not an exception. Pollution has it impact on all the biospheres of Texas. Pollution that i...

09th February 2011

Infertility Solutions: Simple yet Effective

An increasing number of couples who go through difficulty in having a child is noticed every year. Although there have been studies made for this issue, the cause is still hard to identify. A lot of medical infertility solutions have been designed to addr...

20th January 2011

Reasons Why Most People Get Cosmetic Surgery.

Plastic surgery has steadily gained in popularity over the past few decades, becoming a widely accepted practice for celebrities and "real people" alike. But the widespread use of cosmetic surgery has created a secondary problem for some patients: a plast...

12th January 2011

Love Canal - A City Built On A Toxic Dump

An area in Niagara Falls, New York was turned into a chemical and municipal disposal site by Hooker Chemical in 1920. Thirty-three years later the disposal site was full. The company used relatively modern means to cover it. They sealed the dump with a...

29th November 2010

What You Need To Know Before Getting a Nose Job

Many people are not confident about how their faces look. That is why they opt for cosmetic procedures such as face lift, lip enhancement and, the popular nose surgery or nose job. In Los Angeles, California, nose surgery is done to improve the function ...

06th October 2010

Cosmetic Surgeons in Beverly Hills

Thanks, to the media, looking good is now a multibillion dollar industry, with more and more people deciding to go under the knife, to look beautiful. Plastic surgery is no longer reconstructive; it is also becoming increasingly cosmetic. However media ha...

28th April 2010

Fertility after 30 - How Age Affects Fertility

Scientific studies have shown that women who delay first-time pregnancy have decreased fertility after 30. Over the past several decades, we've seen many advances in birth control and the overall status of women in the workplace. Therefore, it's no surpri...

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