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14th February 2011

Angry Birds vs. Green Pigs

Pull the slingshot, aim at the target, and release. Such simple game mode plus simple and clear interface and light background music have made Angry Birds game well known all over the world. Anytime and anywhere you can see people, men and women, old and ...

03rd December 2010

Bird control very important

Bird control refers to the need to control the spread of many types of birds that are considered pests in the area. Birds control considered as pests like pigeons, grackles, starlings and buzzards. These birds are considered unwanted for several reasons. ...

27th August 2010

Morning Coffee with my Husband

Every morning my husband and I set out on the patio and drink our coffee. We live outside the city on two acres. It was a very pleasant morning; the wind was very light which made a pleasant morning to set outside. As normal we watched the rabbits play wi...

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