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15th August 2011

The Zen Garden

Zen gardens definitely hold the place of the world's most beautiful gardens, with the layout of the average Zen garden being both purposeful and exotic. Also known as Karesansui, these Zen gardens were originally conceived in ancient China, though they we...

24th May 2011

Famous London nightclubs

London's know for its nightlife, and it has some famous venues, and famous people go to the famous venues. Some of the most famous for being famous in London are: - Chinawhite - Merah - Funky Buddha - Mahiki Chinawhite Out of all of the...

24th May 2011

Types Of Paper Lantern Designs Obtainable

A paper lantern is for incorporating aesthetics and glamour at connected festivals. This modest item is extremely widespread in some Asian countries this kind of as China and Japan. A lantern has a lot of diverse dimensions and designs. As a result, its c...

12th May 2011

Kinds Of Paper Lantern Styles Offered

A paper lantern is for incorporating aesthetics and glamour at associated festivals. This little merchandise is quite common in some Asian nations these kinds of as China and Japan. A lantern has many diverse measurements and designs. As a result, its con...

14th April 2011

Electric bikes- how to choose the right one

Electric bikes- the greener way to ride- are surely catching on the world over. Slowly but surely, people across the world are realizing the benefits of electric bikes and how they can save on costs as well as save the environment. Of course, the rising f...

05th April 2011

Top Restaurant NYC, New York

By mike in Diet
"New York, a world all in its own and full of great food. Here, you will find some of the Top Restaurant NYC and possibly the world. Here are just a few of the Top Restaurant NYC that you will find in New York. Opia 130 East 57th (212) 688-3939 ...

21st March 2011

On A Path Without Any Destination

In this interview with Naveen Vasudevan, Satish Kumar, the editor of the alternative magazine, Resurgence, talks about his 8,000-mile journey on foot to raise awareness about the threat of nuclear weapons and the connections between peace, social justice ...

23rd September 2010

Our Debt To Trees

Our Debt To Trees All of us humans owe a debt of gratitude to the humble tree. Without trees our whole existence would be near on impossible. An encyclopedia could be written about the benefits of a tree. Just look around you wherever you are and you...

17th November 2009

From AUGH to Peace in 90 Seconds

A month ago, if you had approached me at 9:30pm, after a fourteen hour day, just as my toddler was screaming that he could not find his GREEN BEAR who had ALL BY HIMSELF slipped from his fingers to the far reaches of the crib (making it officially a doze...

16th November 2009

Ideal Place To Celebrate New Year In NYC

New York City is famous for its New Year celebration. Here restaurants are extremely good and reasonable to plan New Year in New York celebration. You can find a great variety of hotels and restaurants in NYC. And if you are planning to spend a special ni...

01st June 2009

Let us strive for Enlightenment

Let us strive for Enlightenment The mere theoretical statement that we are potentially divine does not save us from the problems of life., when Life's problems overwhelm us! There was a student who learnt Vedanta, the Science of Being and d...

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