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17th May 2010

Business Property Owners Generate Savings from Clean Energy: Invest in Solar Energy

The effects of global warming have become a dominant concern in the political, scientific and business world. Even though there is a heated an ongoing debate about whether or not global warming is a direct result or indirect effect of human societies' hea...

10th December 2009 reports Ecuador, China to set up oil joint venture

Ecuador announced Thursday that it will work with China on a joint venture to explore an oil block in the South American country. China's Sinopec International Petroleum will invest $1 to $1.1 billion to form a joint venture to exploit an oil block wi...

09th December 2009 reports Call for Ghana cocoa to be removed from US child labor list

Retention of Ghana produced cocoa on the US Department of Labor's list of goods produced by child or forced labour could hinder efforts to eliminate the practice, claims a senior politician of the major cocoa supplying country. Ghana's cocoa is among ...

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