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17th August 2011

Attractive Huawei M835 Cases For Protection

Huawei M835 phone from Huawei is a great mobile phone with attractive features. It is a touchtone phone with 2.8 QVGA screen. It has a 2MP camera, music player and is Bluetooth enabled. It is always better to have a protective cover for any phone as there...

25th May 2011

Austin Photographer, Austin Photographers, Austin Photography

Superior news - you can just consult for unique non-reflective glass, difficulty solved!Practical recommendations and pit-falls:Really don't sidestep the matte! The matte is necessary for guarding your photograph in its frame. In time, condensation will g...

16th February 2011

Craft Gives Back Self-Esteem to Our Senior Citizens!

As we reach our eighties and beyond and become Senior Citizens, invariably our physical ability diminishes. We begin to think we can no longer cope with new challenges, as we struggle to manage our daily lives. As I work with the elderly, at our Day Centr...

16th February 2011

3 Crafts and Activities the Elderly Will Enjoy!

Finding craft and activities that interest our senior citizens, who have limited capabilities (and these too, vary within a group) is not an easy task. The craft needs to be simple for aged hands, but not childish. Quizzes need to relate to their ar...

31st December 2010

Tame your Jumbled Wardrobe with some Handy Closet Organizers

On one end of the spectrum is the uber-organized person who organizes his closet first by clothing type and second by colors. You will not find a shirt out of place or a cheap wire hanger on the clothing rod.On the other hand is the person who uses the cl...

15th November 2010

Don't Let Snow or Ice Ruin Your Satellite Signal

Do you cringe every time it rains or you see snow in the forecast? Are you tired of dropping signal because of snow or ice accumulating on your satellite dish? Most people donít realize there is an quick remedy for your signal loss problems, known as a ...

24th May 2010

How To Make Your Wall An Art

A stunning residence may be livened up by not just paintings but creative considering. An artful house can be a location that oozes using the owner's personality and breathes everyday living into the inanimate objects lying close to. The artistic possibil...

12th January 2010

The Right Metal Picture Frame for Your Art Photography

While paintings are traditionally framed in wood, art photography usually calls for metal picture frames. However, you'll want to be careful about the metal picture frame that you use; the wrong metal picture frame can greatly detract from the artifact. I...

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