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27th June 2011

Merkur Razor

Who cares about a razor? We live in a crazy era, we don't tend to look after ourselves that well, we moan that we have to pay for prescriptions or for dentist work, and yet we will happily hand over hundreds of pounds to a vet for our pets care. In the...

04th February 2011

Comparing two each from the Lamy pen and Visconti pen ranges

If you have started researching writing instruments to purchase you will already know that there is a huge choice available for most pockets. Two strong players in the pen market in many countries are Lamy pens and Visconti pens. Here we are going to to...

16th March 2010

The LG KP500 Cookie Is Available In A Purple Colour Variant

A purple colour variant of the LG KP500 Cookie is soon to be released. This attractive colour scheme adds further aesthetic appeal to this already popular and functional touch screen handset. The phone is 106.5x55.5x11.9mm weighing 89 grams, it is ligh...

17th December 2009

Fight Acne Today - Five Top Tips for Acne-Free Skin

Acne is a common skin problem the world over, affecting a wider age group than just teens. For many sufferers, the doctors office for prescription medication is the first port of call in order to get rid or even prevent acne. But people should be aware th...

26th November 2009

Telephone Answering—The Roadmap To Your Success!

It's essential that all calls are handled in the right way; after all, the receptionists and the call centers are the first port of call to a company. Like it's said, first impression leaves a strong impact for a long time, and when the telephone answerin...

09th April 2009

A Beautiful You - Hair & Make Up Tips

Although we are all brought up being told that it's what inside that counts, we're all very interested in our appearance. Women especially want to make sure that they look at their best whenever they set foot outside the door. Some of my friends won't eve...

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