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17th May 2011

Timeless fused glass is a perform of art

Glass has the potential to be transparent and carry a excellent offer of which means. Artwork has influenced movements and spoke on the behalf of an complete culture. For an artist it is a present to be able to express their selves by way of a medium. For...

21st April 2011

A Bit about Dichroic Glass Artist Melissa Balusek

For those of you who haven't heard of Melissa Balusek, whe is an outstanding artist who specialized in working with dichroic glass. Not only does she use her talent and skill to make breathtaking pieces of jewelry, including pendants and earrings, but she...

17th March 2011

uses |glass recycling

Glass recycling is both easy and favourable. Let's start with a benefits of glass recycling: Glass recycling is good for the environment.. A glass container that is despatched to a landfill can take up to a million years to collapse. in contrast, it...

16th March 2011

We prefer the waste recycling machine

Waste glass recycling plant machinery by 9 units, a feed hopper bottle, bottle conveyor, crusher, conveyor plant broken glass powder, sifting, mixing machine, one for cooking and particle size analyzer Supersol and automatic machines Control Panel. Hopper...

08th September 2010

Ancient Glass History

Little is known about the production of glass in the ancient world. One early source, Pliny the Elder (AD 23 - 89), reported the tale of natron (soda) merchants who, when they stopped to prepare a meal, supported their cooking vessels on the beach with bl...

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