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02nd December 2009

What Is The Best Home Elevator?

Having a home elevator is very convenient and helpful for someone who lives with a disabled or elderly person. Having this amenity is no longer exclusive to the rich and immobile. The popularity of lower-maintenance, multi-story houses have increased the ...

29th June 2009

Buying a Straight Stairway Lift

Buying a straight stairway lift for your residence or commercial building is now simple, because top manufacturers or dealers make these easily available. A straight stair lift is an A/C or D/C power driven chair mounted on a track that is connected to a ...

18th June 2009

Stairlifts - a Better Help for the Disabled

Stairlifts are a supportive innovation of the modern era as they are a better help for the disabled. Stair lifts are therefore more than mere symbols of luxury. They have a wider application in the lives of many individuals. A stairlift is usually a mobil...

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