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16th October 2012

Critical Factors for Choosing Successful Mobile CRM solution

In the recent years, we have seen rapid advancements and a significant growth in mobile technologies and their usage worldwide. Mobile Customer Relationship Management has emerged with many benefits to the organizations, simplifying business tasks as well...

12th May 2011

Business approach to iPhone Application Development

Looking for a great way to approach iPhone application development for your business right now? A recent survey by mobileSQUARED found that users in 2015 are thought to be “more likely to utilize mobile marketing or advertising promotions that are sent to...

27th April 2011

The productive Social Media

It’s reached an area exactly where exactly who are generally calling Sociable Customer relationship management is what many of us referred to as “social media” 5 years back. Therefore what’s the gap? Today, adding to that tangent, a few things i can tell ...

21st March 2011

VoIP Phone System - Why Does My Business Need?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, simply defined, is a technology that converts analog voice signals into digital data packets to facilitate two-way transmission of conversations in real time using the Internet. VoIP is today revolutionizi...

12th January 2011

Healthy customer relationship boosts business

Customer Relationship Management For accomplishing desired success, organizations continuously strive for increased sales performance, superior customer service and enhanced customer relationship management.

11th August 2010

When to Outsource Call Center Services

Outsourcing call center services can be of beneficial to varied enterprises regardless of their set up and verticals. There are no pre- written rules or preordained guidelines that only a specific business can outsource or when should a business outsourc...

22nd April 2010

Is Process Manufacturing Software A Great Business Product Real Estate Marketing Ideas

It can be difficult to choose a process manufacturing software that is both affordable and meets the needs of a growing company effectively. There are many industry giants involved in this field, from ACCPAC/Sage to IBM, Microsoft, and many more. Choosing...

29th January 2010

Phone Systems for Small Business - 8 Criteria in Choosing a IP Phone System

Shoretel's CEO, John Combs, gave the keynote address recently at IT Expo West, providing very relevant counsel to IT managers and business owners upgrading to a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. He used the MAC iPhone as an analogy, to illustrate how ne...

09th December 2009

The Importance of Centralising Fax, Email, SMS and Voicemail

A long time ago—when the concept of CRM, or customer relationship management had not been heard of, and that there was no software that would help you with it—businesses would utilize various kinds of applications to keep track on the performance of t...

09th December 2009

VOIP technology in call centers

To those who may be less familiar, call center technology consists of automated phone systems capable of answering incoming phone calls and performing outbound autodialing. A call center is a group of telephone agents who receive incoming calls and/or mak...

04th December 2009

Contact Center for unified business communications

Contact Center is one of the most lucrative places to create business. Most Companies are contacting relevant contact centers to generate profits and reduce losses. Traditional call centers were limited to attending to calls and answering them for satisfa...

05th November 2009

Twitter Management Tool TweetSpinner

1- TweetSpinner can help large and small businesses and users generally increase their twitter productivity. We offer a powerful suite of features commonly found in enterprise solutions for other media, including profile rotation, DM anti-spam and arch...

05th June 2009


Most Distinguished SAP BusinessOne Partner Award 2008 for SAP. The Singapore-based SAP partner also swept the ‘Top Growth' and ‘Top New Name' awards at the SAP Customer Infoday ACE Awards, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore on 20th March 2009. ...

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