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08th February 2010

Designer Sunglasses- A Must Buy for Fashionistas

In this rapidly changing world of fashion, almost everything that can be categorized as a wearable passes through a tight scrutiny of fashionistas who guide the entire global fashion scenario. Of course, this also includes your latest purchase- expensive ...

04th February 2010

Lacoste - Clothes with class that never go out of fashion

Wearing the best name brand clothing is a luxury and a way to display fine taste and a great sense of style. There are many top brands that are associated with timeless style and Lacoste stands at the top of the heap. Representing the best there is regard...

08th December 2009

How much of an Influence Does the Packaging of Fragrances have on the Purchasers Decision?

How Fragrance Packaging Plays an Important Part in their Sales The sale of fragrances is an unusual business in how it portrays itself. It's often portrayed in such unusual and artistic ways as a result of its close ties to the fashion world and celeb...

06th November 2009

Bracelets - Satiating the Quest of Beauty

The urge to enhance our physical appearance with jewelry is timeless. Every possible part of our body is adorned with jewelry, be it ear rings for the ears, anklets for the ankles or neckpieces for the necks. We do it not only to enhance physical beauty b...

23rd September 2009

Clip earrings make a Comeback

In the fashion industry, many trends and styles repeat themselves after a certain time period. That's why today, we're seeing a revival of 80s colors and 40s inspired pieces that have a modern vibe. It's also why we're seeing clip on earrings make a mains...

25th August 2009

How To Do Sedu Hairstyles

Sedu hairstyles are very popular and the sedu hair iron can help you to achieve them. Suitable for all types of hair, the sedu hair straightener can help you to have celebrity hair every day of the year. The recent exposure of the Sedu celebrity hairstyle...

17th April 2009

GHD salon styler IV and its pros

Hair straightner is usually used for straightening the hair, for creating curls on hair, which is otherwise straight or not so much curly. Hair straightners have made it easy for people to have different types of hair textures and applying different kinds...

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