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10th February 2010

Online TV-The New Age Approach

Television is no more the most exciting attribute to entertainment. Time has changed to a great extent and now it is nothing but the familiar show piece in every house offering a silly range of programs. In order to have more choices of shows, cable conne...

11th June 2009

California political news

California is among the largest states in the Western part of United States and is a place, which always attract the print and electronic media for its political scenerio. Being a state which is quite evenly divided among the Republicans and democrats, th...

03rd June 2009

N Series Handsets – Handsome Gadgets Indeed

All the communicating, entertainment, photography oriented services are intelligently packed to assimilate a powerful handset. This N-series is a high performance multimedia gadget enabling marvelous musical experience while you are on the move. Even FM R...

29th May 2009


The cost of navigation license is included in the price of the handset, and is activated in advance. However it takes a few hours to activate the handset after the phone is switched on. There are two options "as fast as possible" and "as short as possible...

20th May 2009

Music Teachers Resources: A Step Closer to Highly Motivated Students

Do you have what it takes to be tagged as an effective and efficient music teacher? Do you consistently get your students' enthusiasm over learning new tricks and ideas on music? Do you know how to make them hooked and determined in pursuing arts and musi...

25th April 2009

Understanding your Parent Rights

We are the main keepers of our children, our most valuable and important part of life. We have the right to a society that young people appreciate and welcome your request for care and commitment on the part of adults. We have the right to raise our c...

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