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04th August 2009

How business conference calls can enhance business opportunities

About a decade ago, Business globalization created the necessity for an affordable means of communication that would allow employees of a company working at different centers in the world to conduct meetings and communicate effectively. Business conferenc...

24th July 2009

The Barack Obama Con Job Continues

(July 17, 2009) Supporters of Barack Obama's current national healthcare initiative are being taken in by a new self-serving con. "Health care for everyone" is health care for no one. With the number of already-overloaded hospitals remaining roughly t...

07th May 2009

Prof Richard Arvey Addresses HR Leaders in Singapore on ‘Risky Business with Risky People

Singapore, 30 April 2009 - As part of NUS Business School's outreach to the human resources community, the Office of Executive Education arranged for Professor Richard Arvey, Head of the Management and Organisation Department, to speak at the HR Congress ...

12th March 2009

A Lesson From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Watching Arnold Schwarzenegger on ABC's This Week, I was reminded of the New Yorker cartoon that's been on the wall of my office for the past fifteen years. It shows a bearded professor talking to a middle age couple at a garden party. The caption on the ...

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