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08th May 2009

The Government Must Be Using Cell Phone Lookups

A recent federal study based on 2007 data reports that Oklahoma and Utah are leading the country toward the cell-phone-only norm. One out of every four households in these states has given up on landlines. Following closely behind are Nebraska, Arkansas, ...

17th April 2009

Reverse Phone Lookup Can Trace the Course of the Pigeons' Journey

Maximum security prisons have been losing the battle with their prisoners' ingenuity. In their quest for the perks of wireless technology, inmates have been coming up with various ways to circumvent the system and smuggle cell phones into the facilities. ...

11th April 2009

Nokia 3600 slide red – a beautiful handset with dark red color

Nokia has always satisfied its customers by providing the desired features as required by the customers. Its handsets are among the best as comparison to other handsets provided by other telecommunication companies. With the invention of Nokia 3600 sl...

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