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12th May 2009

Don't Let Anyone Near Your Child Without a Background Check

What makes us trust others? Generally we tend to trust those we know well, those with actions we can predict with relative certainty and that indicate a morally healthy individual. And if we don't know someone that well and need to get closer in a hurry, ...

08th May 2009

Had I Used Reverse Cell Phone Lookup, I Could Have Saved My Sister

I'll never forget the night my sister was getting ready to go out with that guy. She was excited and was taking extra steps to look her best. I wanted to know who the guy was, and she told me it was someone she'd recently met through common acquaintances....

17th April 2009

Reverse Phone Lookup May Keep You Alive

I just got done reading about the death of New York City radio newsman George Weber who solicited sexual services on Craigslist and ended up dead. Apparently, Weber was interested in rough play but didn't want to pay the going professional rate. He posted...

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