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31st July 2009

The History of Political Cartoons

The political cartoon arguably dates all the way back to the time of Martin Luther. In Luther's battle against the Catholic Church, he decided that it would be beneficial to enroll the support of the less educated masses. By illustrating the hypocrisies L...

11th July 2009

What can politicians learn from bloggers

There a lot of things that politicians can learn from professional bloggers. Here are a few things to explore. Politicians around the world are constantly striving to find ways and means to get an edge over their competitors in order to get elected to ...

12th June 2009

Mayor's Right Hand Removed Regardless of Clean Background Check

The Mayor-Elect Suttle of Omaha, NE has not enjoyed smooth sailing since stepping into his new position. His problems involve his trusted campaign consultant since 2005 and current Community Chief of Staff. Well, actually, Matt Samp will no longer be the ...

08th June 2009

Are You Secure in America?

Introduction - This information is widely available on the Internet. Many of you may not be aware of it. Since the USA is in the midst of a financial meltdown you should perhaps familiarize yourself with some of these things. If civil unrest sets in like ...

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