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30th November 2009

Is it important to have tax preparation software?

Tax preparation software is one of the software programs that you must consider purchasing during tax filing season. If you ever think of saving a few dollars in not using tax software and decides to go with the old fashioned paper filing, be prepare to s...

15th October 2009

The Benefits of Tax Preparation Software Programs

The moment the month of April begins to come closer, thousands of Americans start to fret around and panic. It is tax season once again, and it is one season that no American looks forward to. Unless you can afford to have your own personal accountant tha...

27th March 2009

5 Tips That Can Help you Avoid An IRS Audit

The 2009 economic stimulus bailouts, our country?s economic challenges and the growing Federal deficit will only increase the IRS? desire to impose an IRS income tax audit on you. One things for sure? Our government needs money and the IRS is going to get...

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