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24th November 2009

Modern Hairstyles Trends – Emo Style

Hairstyles, like every other fashion movement, are influenced by earlier styles. Many haircuts that we see today are taken from the styles of the earlier decades in our century and then updated to reflect the modern trends. You will see many styles today ...

23rd November 2009

How to Decide What Hair Color You Should Go With

If you are one of the many people who are out there right now trying to decide what hair color you should go with, then know that you are not alone. Know also that you are sure to be able to find a hair color that looks great and that you love. Just take ...

16th September 2009

8 Basic Beauty Tips: Simple Ways to Let the Natural You Shine Through

Beauty trends come and go, but there are some very simple things you can be doing to look your best. These guidelines will also help keep you feeling great, and most of them take just minutes a day. Here are 8 basic beauty tips: 1. Schedule regul...

27th March 2009

Formal Hairstyles Are on the Way Back

Today's lax and loose dress codes and hairstyles certainly have a place in society. But, there are times and occasions these days which show, at least that formal hairstyles are on the way back. Many people have come to conclude that certain events or occ...

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