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16th September 2009

Hair Coloring Tips on Hair Color Charts

There are wide ranges of hair colors available in the market. You can buy permanent, temporary, or semi and demi-permanent hair color. You can also select different methods in coloring like veiling, chunking, and twilighting. Before examine into all allow...

13th August 2009

Finding the Right Hair Color for You

Hair color ideas are not stand alone thoughts and need to be combined with your skin tone and personality to give you the right match. Never copy someone else's hair color idea blindly as it just might be completely wrong for you. If you are coloring your...

01st August 2009

How To Dye Your Hair

Dying of hair is the simplest way to prevent gray hair from being seen and maintain a younger look for an extended duration. Though there are many products available in the market which promises gray hair treatment but none of them have been found to be v...

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