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07th January 2010

Get the Solar Power!!!

Solar power is the cheapest, cleanest and greenest energy you can find! When you need light in awkward places, it can also be the most convenient source of power. Solar garden lights are a great way to light paths and walkways without needing to connect m...

12th November 2009

Clip on earrings -The Painless option

Piercing earlobes for the purpose to wear earrings has been practiced since ancient times. In spite of that we find huge demand and market for clip earrings mainly in the West. This is because some women never had their ears pierces at a tender age and la...

15th October 2009

Professional Wholesale Makeup Brushes Usability and Tips For Perfect Hand Brushes

Professional beauty-makeup brushings are a bit contrary from the composition brushes that are offered as "presents" when you buy a low cost dollar amount of beauty products in the cosmetic shop. Gifted or shiped free makeup brushes usually have synthetic ...

02nd October 2009

Earrings Trends Uncovered

Wondering what the hottest styles are for earrings this season? Eager to start shopping for earrings that will update your look while still keeping your pocketbook in check? Then read on for all the latest news in the world of fashion earrings. Vintag...

02nd September 2009

How to choose jeans

Skinny, sparkle, wader cut, open cut, low mound, hipster, and so on are just some styles of ladies' jeans presented now in the promote. There are also distressed, washed, torn, and ripped jeans that look sexy especially when damaged by ladies. Aside from ...

29th May 2009

Diamond Jewellery – Best Gift for Girls

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well, with their sparkle and unique shape, they could be everybody's best friend! However, not everyone knows how to buy diamond jewellery. A lot of consideration must be taken before you go ahead and buy such a...

15th April 2009

Semi Formal Hairstyles

Start not finishing appearance: Your hairstyle should be the focal point of your appearance. Get ready for an event by starting with your hair and shoes. The rest of your outfit will be determined by these two facet's. Just as in the olden days and even m...

13th March 2009

Express Your Birthday Invitations with Glitter

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to send out plain, boring birthday invitations. Glitter spray will not only enhance your birthday invitations and lend your event some sparkle, but it’s a budget-friendly method for a...

13th March 2009

Chemical Free Cleaning for Your Home

It's easy to stock your cleaning cupboard with non-toxic cleaning supplies, and you don't have to sacrifice the sparkle. Ever wonder what all those scary symbols on your cleaning products mean? They mean they are dangerous to your health. Most conventiona...

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